Name Yoyo
Creator Hyun
Wins 2
Draws 0
Loses 0
Clan Soldier
Former Clan(s) Unknown

Yoyo is a RHG created by Hyun.

Appearance and ModificationsEdit

Yoyo is a blue stickman with a blue Yoyo.

The Yoyo is a big weapon for The abilities of Yoyo.


  • He can use his Yoyo to attack as well as climb and swing.
  • The Yoyo Is capable of a normal attack and an explosive attack.


Yoyo Rapes Stone-000:21

Yoyo Rapes Stone-0

Yoyo vs FLLFFL03:54

Yoyo vs FLLFFL

Yoyo vs Jom00:51

Yoyo vs Jom

Yoyo vs Chuck03:08

Yoyo vs Chuck

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